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The Kirk Group Grows with the launch of “Environmental Storage Products”

18th Jul, 2016 | News

biodome tanks

Environmental Storage Products has been set up by The Kirk Group, as a separate business, to focus on the design and manufacture of our own range of products that can be utilised by the existing businesses in the UK and ASIA but can also be sold to other companies around the world; very much like the BIODOME business. We want to create our own collection of products that are specifically targeted to certain markets and compliment the products that we currently have available from Permastore who remain a key partner for us.

Environmental Storage Products is an industry leading manufacturer of circular bolted steel tanks and tank covers for specialist applications. Manufactured from Galvanised Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium our products have been developed over a number of years and are designed and manufactured utilising the latest in engineering technology to ensure the best quality finished product and ease of site installation.

Therefore as a brief introduction we have developed;

ECOSTORE®          Galvanised Water Tanks for Irrigation & Rainwater Harvesting

HYDROSTORE®     LPBC Approved Galvanised Water Tanks for the Fire Sprinkler Market

ENVIROSTORE®    Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks for the Water and Wastewater Markets

ULTRASTORE®      Stainless Steel Tanks for Industrial Wastewater Applications

ECOCOVER®          Single Membrane PVC Roof

HYDROCOVER®     Purlin Supported Trough Deck Roof

ENVIROCOVER®    Aluminium Free Span Roof for Water and Wastewater

ULTRACOVER®      Stainless Steel Roofs for Anaerobic Digestion

Our website is now live www.envstorage.com

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Callenge Place, 1 Greenbank Technology Park, Challenge Way, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5QB