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tank mounted biogas cover

Tank Mounted

Industry-leading BIODOME® Double Membrane Gas Holders for use in the wastewater, agricultural and municipal global biogas markets.

The industry-leading BIODOME® Double Membrane Gas Holder utilises the highest strength membranes available in the global market, can be designed for a wide range of working gas pressures, storage volumes and gas production rates and can accommodate the requirements of any sewerage, wastewater treatment plant, industrial effluent plant and biogas plant.

BIODOME® can be installed to provide biogas storage mounted to the top of a steel or concrete anaerobic digestion tank; these top mounted installations can be provided to fit an existing tank or as a replacement for failing floating roof systems. The high strength of the membrane, together with market-leading design and manufacturing facilities allows BIODOME® to design and construct the BIODOME® Gas Holders in standard sizes up to 20,000m³, surpassing any other system available. We can also extend the services to optional project ancillaries and steel structures manufactured in-house by our highly trained team to enhance the biogas facility.

The internationally acclaimed BIODOME® system is a cost effective solution for the storage of Biogas and Syngas. BIODOME® provides a means of storage for the fuel source obtained from a wide variety of functions. Biogas storage for energy use is an easy and effective was for existing municipal, industrial and agricultural facilities producing waste, to create new renewable energy. This energy can be used for powering the plant itself or selling back to energy utilities.

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