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crossness and beckton

Crossness and Beckton

BIODOME® GAS HOLDERS, part of KIRK GROUP, has successfully designed, supplied and installed a grand total of twelve BIODOME® Double Membrane Gas Holders Roofs on existing concrete tanks as part of a major upgrade for Thames Water Utilities.

The project started in 2012 when a decision was made by Thames Water to upgrade and modernise the five major sewerage treatment works around the London area, with the aim of protecting and improving the quality of the water in the River Thames, as well as creating a renewable energy source for the sites.

BIODOME® supplied six roofs each to two of the biggest sewerage treatment works in Europe, Crossness STW and Beckton STW. Each roof provides a buffer storage volume between production and usage of the biogas, measuring 24.4metres in diameter and with a gas storage capacity of 850m³. Both sites have now the ability of treating the wastewater stored at the plants using the anaerobic digestion process: the sewerage is treated in the tanks and the biogas produced stored within the BIODOME® Roofs until ready to be released as renewable energy.

The improvements at both sites are designed to meet the environmental standards required by the Environmental Agency and to also tackle the odour control issues previously experienced at the with the open topped tanks.

Placing the BIODOME® Roof System on top of a digester tank results in a much smaller project footprint whilst providing significant cost savings due to the elimination of alternative steel roof structure and the reduction in civil and foundation works that would be required if a ground mounted gas holder was installed. Biogas storage for energy use is an easy and efficient way for existing plants to create low cost energy, either for powering the plant itself or selling back to the National Grid.

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