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BIODOME® GAS HOLDERS, has successfully designed, supplied and installed their first BIODOME® Double Membrane Gas Holder for Gippsland Water Factory in Australia.

This wastewater treatment plant is the first of its kind in Australia: a large scale WWTP treating wastewater from over 19,000 properties and servicing over 55,000 residents. The plant has an overall capacity to treat 35 million litres of water per day and, as well as the wastewater from the residential area, it also treats the wastewater produced from the Maryvale Mill located in the heart of Gippsland, Melbourne. Maryvale Mill is Australia’s largest integrated fine paper-making and packaging papers complex, producing more than 500,000 tonnes of paper every year: thanks to the state-of-the-art treatment plant now in place it can recycle large amounts of water and use waste products as energy sources, making a commitment to best practices for environmental sustainability.

The BIODOME® Double Membrane Gas Holder was chosen to compliment the ground-breaking technology of the overall project. Manufactured from the highest strength membrane available in the global market, the industry leading gas holder ensured the final piece was in place for guaranteeing the asset life of the project, helping to maximise effective operations and high quality standards.

The internationally acclaimed BIODOME® system is a cost effective solution to provide reliable fuel source for a range of functions. Biogas storage for energy use is an easy and effective way for existing municipal, industrial and agricultural facilities producing waste to create low energy whether for powering the plant itself or selling back to utilities.

Since the installation of our first BIODOME® in Australia, we are pleased to share that there are other projects on-going in the Land Down Under, where the Australian government is strongly pushing for clean energy development via the Clean Technology Investment Program.

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