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BIODOME® GAS HOLDERS has installed a high pressure BIODOME® Double Membrane Gas Holder at the Gill’s Onion site in Oxnard California, part of a $9.5 million project.

Oxnard is the country’s largest producer of fresh-cut onions and the Gill’s Onions site is responsible for 450 tonnes, creating a huge 150 tonnes of waste each day.

The BIODOME® Gas Holder will primarily be used to regulate the gas storage and usage and will create the final piece in the newly installed Anaerobic Digestion Plant at the site. The facility is now capable of capturing the gas produced effectively and use it at a constant rate to power the whole plant, resulting in a saving of $50,000 to $60,000 a month in electricity bills.

Because of the high standard technology used at the AD Plant, Gill’s Onions is now the first food processing facility in the world to produce clean energy from their own waste, converting 100% of their daily onion waste into renewable energy and cattle feed. The new system in place extracts the juice from the onion peels and treats to produce the biogas used to power the plant. The remaining onion pulp is processed into cattle feed and sold to local ranchers.

The new process also reduces the large greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the numerous trucks needed to drive into California to dispose of the waste produced.

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